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          TotalShield Surgical Helmet System

          TotalShield Surgical Helmet

          Control Your Comfort


          16 air flow ports are designed to keep you comfortable. In addition, Zimmer’s proprietary system allows you to control your comfort with the option to open or close the air ports.

          Additional features include:

          • Quiet, non-distracting fan
          • LED light provides illumination for deep cavity visualization and enhanced tissue differentiation
          • 6 adjustable fan speeds for controlled comfort
          • Ergonomically engineered with a center of gravity to improve balance and stability
          • Dual-adjustable headband provides a secure, comfortable fit
          • 190 degree field of view

          TotalShield Hood & Toga

          360 Degree Protection

          • Hood and toga material in critical zones and non-critical zones passes AAMI Level 3 testing
          • AAMI Level 3 protects against infectious body fluids and harmful microorganisms
          • Recommended during cases involving arthroscopic orthopaedic procedures, and open gastrointestinal procedures

          Highly Breathable

          • Engineered so you stay cool and protected during procedures
          • Large vent on top of the hood and toga allows hot air to escape?

          Extended Battery Life

          • Single Li-Ion rechargeable battery
          • 10 or 20-hour battery life
          • Batteries include a built-in battery life indicator?


          Additional Information

          Legal Manufacturer:

          Zimmer Surgical, Inc.
          200 West Ohio Avenue
          Dover, OH 44622

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